Recent research from the Centre for Social Justice determines that there are currently 3 million children being raised in single parent households in the UK. 90% of these households are headed by single women.

Through our relationships with other local agencies and through our own experiences of working with very vulnerable people, we learn all the time that every situation, every family, every child, every woman is unique. They have their own story.

Many of the stories we hear include sadness, joy, loss, grief and hope. They also may include addiction, violence, fear, poverty, homelessness and isolation to name just a few issues. The difficulties facing the vulnerable Mums we meet are wide ranging and complex. They are however unifed by one simple fact…

…it’s made much harder by doing it alone.

At Riverbank, we want to meet that need. We believe it is an injustice that any woman should have to parent alone with no or little support structure.

Of the 3 million children growing up in single parent families, one third have no meaningful relationship with their Dads.

At Riverbank, we care about the whole family. And we believe that addressing the needs of the whole family ultimately create an environment for the greatest degree of long term change.

Research shows that children growing up in vulnerable single parent families are more likely to struggle educationally, socially and experience poor emotional health.

We are passionate about finding ways to help prevent these outcomes for children, and doing all that we can to support children who have experienced separation and loss through family breakdown.


As a Christian Charity our response to the needs of the women we meet is driven by our faith in Jesus Christ. We believe that all people are made in the image of God, created and loved by Him and that above all God desires relationship with human beings through his son Jesus Christ.

It is our passion at Riverbank, to share that deep love God has for the women, children and families we meet, and to honour them with dignity, respect and love, as those created and loved by Him. We also work with single parent fathers and legal guardians who are caring for children and Young Carers. We come alongside families from all backgrounds, irrespective of faith, belief, ethnicity and nationality. We hope that we achieve this through the different ways we serve our community, which you can find out more about here.