Laura Lowther

Mission and Ministry Manager
Brief info

Laura's role as Mission and Ministry Manager involves spending time with families who want to explore faith and building relationships with local churches.

I have been involved in Riverbank since October 2010. I have loved being a part of the charity in a few different roles as a volunteer and trustee. I am now Ministry and Mission Manager and spend a lot of my time talking to our families about God and His love for us. During extremely challenging times we can face some big questions and it is good to have honest and real conversations about those questions.

Riverbank for me is a family that looks to support one another during the most difficult times and beyond. I have loved being a part of the story to far and excited to see what happens in the future. Laura juggles work as part of the Riverbank team with her family life – she is married to Joe and mum to three lively, young boys. They attend Christian Fellowship in Richmond.