Sheena Marx

Pastoral Manager
Brief info

Sheena comes to us with a wealth of experience, from running student and young people’s groups, to disciple youngsters to supporting local Christian Unions, and with twenty years as a Christian Counsellor in private practice. In a church setting she has advised on pastoral structure, training and mediated for a variety of churches.
One of the things close to Sheena’s heart is ‘Caring for Carers’ and she helps supervise and encourage our befrienders and continues her work as a pastoral structure advisor and trainer. She describes herself as a bringer of hope and healing, used by God to take away the isolation that we can feel during difficult times.
Taking the gospel in the background to hurting people is the same gospel, applied differently. “It’s where I pull my faith over someone in a hard place, walk with them through their difficult season, ministering Christ as we go. I never cease to be amazed and privileged to see God at work in people's lives first hand.”
Sheena loves to read, be with people, listen to music, watch football, tennis and cook.

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